Around my garden - Summer 2014 & 2015
All images: © Marina Eeckhout
De Romeo's, 'Fietseling' Begijnendijk - 11 August 2013 Africa Day, Begijnendijk - 9 August 2013 A lazy sunny Sunday at home: a cat, a goat, my guitar and my camera - July 2013
Soul4You in concert, Westerlo - 29 June 2013
'Italian Sunday', Tongeren - 5 May 2013 Scherpenheuvel - 1 May 2013
"May tree" - Scherpenheuvel - May 2013

Hoekheide Ramsel / Begijnendijk - April 2013

  The woods surrounding the abbey of Averbode - April 2013 Nearby the train station in Aarschot - April 2013 A passing train - April 2013 Somewhere in my 'back yard' - April 2013 Looking through my window - March 2013 A 'curious neighbour' - Autumn 2012 One of the stray cats I feed - Summer 2012
Sadly she got run over shortly after this picture was taken.



Recently I undertook two new ventures. Like most people: throughout my life there were always things I wanted to do or learn but never got around to actually doing them: too busy, too tired, …

But a few years ago – after a lifetime of music (I have been singing in a band since the age of 16) – I finally decided to learn how to play an instrument: the acoustic guitar. Although it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, I am progressing slowly but surely. I will never be a virtuoso, but that was never the plan. After all: music is all about expressing feelings and being creative.

More recently I took up photography, another way of being creative.
Sometimes life plays funny little tricks on you: a trifle incident made me decide to buy a half decent camera, I took some basic lessons … and a new passion was born.

For the most part it is still a learning process – trial and error – but every now and then I am able to surprise myself. Above you can find a couple of images I consider to be "being on the right track" (with a little help from digital enhancing software). For now, the selection is still rather limited, but my intention is to update this 'portfolio' on a regular basis.

During my studies as an art teacher I always had a fascination for the surreal and hyperrealistic paintings. I think it still shows ...